Our Core Values


  1. We value Biblical Preaching and Teaching in every ministry of Family Baptist Church. We are committed to acknowledging the inerrant, infallible, and authoritative power of God’s word, knowing that the faithful preaching and teaching of God’s word can change lives.
  2. We value Evangelism and are committed to reaching the lost people in our community and our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and creating an atmosphere on our campus where guests feel welcomed, loved, and valued.
  3. We value Spirit-filled Worship and are committed to providing worship services filled with vibrant, authentic worship of our great God -- where the Holy Spirit is welcomed and free to move in the hearts of the worshippers.
  4. We value Godly Families and are committed to
    • Helping to build and strengthen excellent marriage relationships.
    • Encouraging and equipping parents to succeed in the God-given task of disciplining their children in their homes and producing a family legacy of faith that impacts future generations.
    • Equipping teens and young singles to lead Godly families of their own by developing godly habits, leadership skills and encouraging full surrender to God.
  5. We value Strong Accountable Leadership and are committed to supporting strong pastoral leadership and developing lay leaders who are kingdom-minded and passionate about God is doing at Family Baptist Church.
  6. We value Prayer and are committed to being a people of prayer, believing that prayer unleashes the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and bends our wills to God’s will.
  7. We value Discipleship and are committed to encouraging each member to develop the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, and scripture memorization through an intentional accountability process.
  8. We value Excellence and are committed to ensuring that every ministry is performed with excellence through careful planning, thorough preparation, and heartfelt prayer, realizing that God is worthy of our very best.
  9. We value Fellowship and are committed to preserving unity by spending time together as the family of God and confirming the value and worth of each member through the intimacy of small groups.
  10. We value Stewardship and are committed to encouraging each member to tithe of their income and carefully manage their resources, time, talents, and family to bring honor and glory to God.